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Tegu Magnetisches Holzset farbig, 24 Teile


The Tegu Baby line is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of magnetism! The sustainably produced toys are specially designed for little hands and a developing imagination. Thanks to the magic of magnetism, figures can be built up more quickly, allowing the little ones to quickly experience the fun of playing and the spirit of discovery.

Age recommended  from 1 year old

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The magnetic building blocks of solid wood have a unique appeal. With a "click" the modules connected as if by magic, and adhere to one another - without screws and nails. Similar to a three-dimensional Tangram game so arise imaginative characters, animals and shapes by the meeting of the magnetic poles in the creative play of children. We have let's say from the Tegu founders that can be built consisting of six modules in total 49 different forms with this little starter kit ... Hard to believe - what do you mean

The laws? of the magnetic poles that attract or repel - depending on which pole I turn to one another - are an exciting field. The magnets are located inside the complex and hand crafted solid wood blocks. The paints and coatings used are free of harmful substances and tested by independent institutes.

By the way, the "pockets" blocks have proved well in the real child office as a creative pause pastime for parents. The age limit upwards in our opinion is therefore completely open ...

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